Massage & Body Treatments

Our talented Massage Therapists will consult with you prior to your treatment to determine exactly what you need on the day of your treatment. Please let us know when scheduling if you would like a Warm Bamboo Massage so we can heat the bamboo properly. Ask us about our latest CBD Oil Infused Massages/facials!

Swedish Best for relaxation; improves circulation, releases toxins and tension, allows muscles and being a deep place of restoration.
Lymphatic Light massage which is beneficial for detoxification.
Deep Tissue Involves slower strokes, focuses on the deep layers of muscle in an effort to release chronic patterns of tension.
Warm Bamboo Uses heated bamboo sticks. Great for sore muscles/chronic tension, deep relaxation, and a luxurious experience.
Sports Utilizing a variety of techniques, the goal is to enhance performance, lessen the chance of injury and shortens the recovery time of the athlete.
Reflexology Therapeutic modality which stimulates predefined pressure points on the feet/and or hands that correlate with the entire body.
CBD Oil Infused massage Yes, it’s legal! No, you won’t ‘get high’ This powerful plant-based oil from the cannabis plant is used for pain, inflammation, and deep relaxation.

Body Treatments

Body Bronzer Exfoliate your body with an Ayurvedic body brushing technique to rid dead skin before Jane Iredale’s Tantasia, a natural bronzer, is applied all over your body.
Restorative Salt Glow Allow your skin to be exfoliated with the used of fine Dead Sea Salts full of minerals to feed your skin. Followed by an effleurage massage using Hylunia’s Healing and Restorative Cream.

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