Skin Tightening

Palomar DeepIR

Palomar DeepIR (infrared) is a light-based system has been designed to tighten skin that has lost skin tone. Generally used for loose skin on the neck and lower cheek area (jowls), this fractionated device has measured results of up to 30% increase in skin tightening.

How it works: Fractions of infrared light penetrates the skin leaving unaffected skin around each column of heat to strengthen the newly stimulated skin cells. This process will encourage the growth of new strong skin cells for 3 months. The protocol for this treatment is 3 treatments, one month apart. The treatments take only about 15-30 minutes and are very comfortable.

SYNERON Ematrix “sublative rejuventaion”

Known for its improvements in virtually every area of skin regeneration. The E-matrix uses bi-polar radio-frequency to affect the skin in a way that is advantageous to skin renewal. Tiny columns of heat are generated deep below the skin utilizing the “wound/healing response.” Once the body perceives damage, new cells are formed, legitimately making new skin! All of this is done in the lower levels of the skin so there is very little “social-downtime” — meaning any redness can be covered with make-up.

Great for skin tightening and resurfacing of acne scarring and fine lines.

Usually 3 treatments are recommended, spaced one month apart.

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